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Why Do I Need A Proxy?

internetProxies are very commonly used in countries where the government censors the people by blocking out websites that don't agree with what they thinks the people should know. Some of the most commonly blocked websites include Facebook, YouTube and sites alike. So proxies are used to bypass the filters imposed by the government. Proxies are also used by people who would like to surf the web anonymously and unblock youtube. Every time you go to a website your IP address is logged and kept. It is very easy to trace back to the original user by getting access to said logs. If you use a proxy the IP address of the proxy shows up instead of yours. Use a proxy and remain anonymous!

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Web Proxies

Web proxies are the simplest form of proxies. You visit a website and you will see a form. On that form you will type in the address that you wish to visit. Once you hit GO or Browse you will be able to use the page as if you were browsing it directly. By using a web proxy you are protecting your IP address from being logged. If you are using a web proxy at work or school all your employer or systems administrator will see is you browsing to the proxy site. Click on a proxy from the list to the right to get started!

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